The Circle of Vhlf

What is Vhlf?

In short, Vhlf stands for virtual health, life and fitness. On my journey to losing weight, I found that when health and fitness is involved, there is a third element that plays a big role in attaining and achieving such goals. To begin with, losing weight isn’t easy. One must develop a strong attitude and desire towards health and fitness. There are sacrifices that we have to make within our daily lives…sacrifices such as not eating our favorite cake or ice cream as much as we want to or missing an hour or a night of socializing in order to go to the gym. These sacrifices are hard to begin with, but get easier as time goes on because first of all we develop an attitude towards our goals that we are trying to achieve, and secondly we educate ourselves and understand why we aren’t eating the ice cream. As time goes on, we realize how we don’t really need the ice cream and we understand why it’s not good to eat too much of it. Instead of ignoring the ice cream, we consciously decide not to eat it. It becomes part of our life and understanding that these foods are not good for us and our goals.

So now, we’ve made some heavy changes in our life our attitude. We often need motivation and inspiration to keep going. It is our life and psychology that motivates us. Our schedule is often built around the gym and meals. Again, our attitude and motivation keeps us going. Life keeps us going… It is important to understand what we are thinking on this difficult journey. But it gets easier and easier.

As it gets easier and we get closer to achieving our goals, the changes we made in our lives have now changed our lives. We look different. Things that we didn’t realize we could do, such as jumping barriers running fast, have now become part of reality. We start doing them and love every minute of it. Our lives have changed.

Hence HLF – Health, Life and Fitness….this is the gist of the Vhlf concept.

Migraine and Exercise?

Yesterday, I was suffering from a powerful migraine. I believe it was a lack of sleep and too much caffeine induced headache. It left me with an all too familiar decision to make. Should I go to the gym? Would I even be able to complete my workout? Is it worth it?

You know how it is. We often find ourselves looking for excuses not to go to the gym…to take an extra one day break. A migraine seems to be a valid excuse. It hurts and with a heavy exercise weight lifting routine, it doesn’t really get any lighter or better. It wasn’t the first time that a migraine was behind my attending gym dilemma. More often than not, I decide to go anyway. Yesterday, I decided to go to the gym and exercise as if nothing felt like my head would explode…stick to my bench press, dumbbell press, bicep curling routine.

As you can imagine, it definitely didn’t get rid of the migraine. In fact, every time I lifted a rep, an explosion went off in my head. By the end of my workout, I felt really nauseous with an exploding head. I need a really good reason not to go to the gym and a migraine just isn’t one. It takes a lot of fight to actually get to the gym under such circumstances, but we just got to do what we got to do. Even with the nausea and exploding head, I left the gym happy that I had completed my full exercise routine for the day (well maybe slightly slower than usual, but I completed it).

However, I wondered whether it was, in fact, counter-productive, unhealthy, or even dangerous. So this morning I did a quick Internet search. I didn’t manage to find an exact answer to my original question, but I found some cool and interesting results that I thought I’d share:

Apparently, it seems to be the consensus that heavy exercise can cause migraines and a light exercise routine can have the averse effect and actually soothe one’s migraine…inspiration. Well, I inferred that doing my usual heavy routine probably wasn’t such a good idea. But what can I do? What’s done is done and it probably won’t stop me in the future either (unless I get a 100% medical conclusion that it is dangerous of course… which I will definitely share)

Before & After

I want you to believe my story….

So, I think the best way to try and (hopefully) convince you is with a before and after picture. Strangely enough, I have never put one together. However, for Vhlf, I will create one.

It may take a bit of time as I now live in Los Angeles and all the old pictures of me are still in my home-town of London, so I’m going to need someone to send/scan them for me….

Since I’m not too fond of my before look, I have never shown anyone who met me after I lost weight pictures of me before my life changing health and fitness journey. (Don’t repeat this, but at one point I felt like destroying all my old pictures). My first unveiling will be exclusive to Vhlf followers and readers, so stay tuned….

My Story


Hi and welcome to Vhlf,

As it is the first Vhlf post and my first post on here (well my first blog post in general…but shh, don’t tell anyone), I would like to introduce myself and the reason I started this blog. Please bear with me as I refine my blogging abilities…

I’m pretty much an average guy born and raised in London, England. Except, I have a life changing experience that I would like to share. When I was between the ages of 14 and 15, I was overweight weighing in at around 17, 18 stones which in U.S. terms is close to 250 pounds. Let me give you a hint… it wasn’t muscle. After a visit to the hospital and determining with a blood test that it wasn’t allergies or medical reasons that were causing the weight to pile on, I woke up one day and decided to change my life and embark on the difficult journey of losing weight. To be honest, I’m still not completely sure what it was that finally pushed me to change my life. I had friends and I didn’t feel I lacked too much confidence. I didn’t really have a problem with the way I looked. I didn’t really care for the health problems that I was being told tend to be associated with, develop and exist alongside obesity. Either way, I decided to do it…to change my life and live a life with health and fitness. I had no idea how much the changes I made to my life would eventually change me and my life for the better.

After two and a half years, naturally – without any diet supplements, I lost an overall total of 100 pounds.

Here I am now a good few years older, wiser and smarter. Now, I weigh 160 pounds (some of it muscle). Health and fitness became part of my life. I don’t even look at  a bar of chocolate (still the love of my life) the same way I used to. The confidence that I didn’t realize I was lacking, let me just say I had absolutely no idea how much my confidence would grow. The gym continues to be my place of solitude. I actually enjoy the exercising… weird, I know. I continue to strive for health and fitness success. I set new goals and work to achieve them. I’m a different person now all thanks to the decision I made and the continued desire to succeed.

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P.S. I am not, and I repeat NOT, a fitness professional, personal trainer, nutritionist, life coach or any trainer/coach pertaining to health, life, or fitness. As I said I’m just your average guy with a story.