Interval Training, High Intensity

HIIT is a relatively new fitness concept. The concept is a high intensity interval training workout in which one does a high intensity rep such as a sprint then does a slow rep like a walk. Interval training is a proven effective fitness workout as we see it is a preset on most cardio equipment. The added high intensity is not so much a new concept, but this new idea that keeps on popping up over the web every time I research the world of fitness is more of the concept that this workout can be done anywhere at anytime with minimal to no equipment. HIIT is quickly becoming very popular. Many HIIT workouts are based on sprinting and walking alone, but resistance training is also a very important part of a workout….So add some squats, lunges, and other resistance training such as push ups and pull ups….and you’re golden. It’s tough, quick and fun.

Here are some articles explaining HIIT…what it is, how to do it, what kind of exercises should be included, and its benefits:



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