Struggle to Satisfaction

Starting and sticking to a healthy and fit life, healthy eating habits, healthy diet, fitness routine, workout plan etc… is often a struggle. It’s foolish and can be detrimental to believe that such changes in our lives and lifestyle will be 1 2 3 easy. Especially in the beginning, it’s a struggle. However, as time goes on, it gets easier without a doubt. There will be days in which every piece of cake, ice cream, fried chicken, chocolate etc… will imploringly look at us begging to be eaten, but the more focused we remain, the stronger we are. As we get stronger, the more satisfied we become with our achievements. Slowly, the focus shifts from struggle to satisfaction. The more we focus on our achievements and satisfaction therein, the less of a struggle it becomes, and then we get even stronger. Be warned, however, the struggle will be back especially on bad days. Keep in mind the satisfaction. Shift the focus from struggle to satisfaction. Instead of seeing the struggle ahead, focus on the achievements and their respective satisfaction. The more satisfied we are, the more we believe, and the more we are willing to continue. The shift will happen….but keep it in mind. Satisfaction is a strong opponent to struggle.


4 thoughts on “Struggle to Satisfaction

  1. I feel that in this moment I am in the struggle faze, whilst yesterday the weeks before then I was feeling satisfaction. You said it very well.. I will attempt to focus back on the feeling of satisfaction. Thanks!

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    • Glad I could help! The struggle makes the satisfaction that much greater. When you pull through a tough struggle, you feel more satisfied which will, in turn, help you through the next time you face a struggle. In time, the struggle gets easier for a number of reasons but primarily because of the satisfaction of achievement.


    • This is an example where the life element comes into play in the VHLF circle. It’s not an easy concept to internalize, but the shift actually comes naturally with time and through the achievement of goals. The tough part is trying to shift the focus to satisfaction when faced with a struggle.


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