Gym or Gym-not

Here’s something that I have experienced many times before (often under different circumstances), but most recently, yesterday….I’m sure many people have experienced this. Maybe, I’m the only one, but either way, here goes:

Yesterday was a long difficult day for me. It was draining physically and mentally. Something (an external something that in general, I have very little control over) I had been working on for over three months began to fall apart bit by bit in the space of two hours. This something is a make it or break it part of my life and dream to continue living life how I have planned to and to continue to follow my dreams. My mood and mindset began to rapidly change as fast as the pieces I had worked so hard to build over the past three months began to fall apart. While draining me of most of my physical and mental strength to deal with it, it took the rest of my energy to simply get through it. It was a struggle. I fought hard to remain positive and try put the pieces back together. It will be alright….it had to be. I had worked too hard to let it all just slip away in such a short time. I had to remain strong, believing with all my strength that It won’t fall apart and I won’t let it. I won’t go down without a fight. The day was over and I felt alright. I made it!

However, my final decision of the day came. It was gym time and I began questioning whether I had the strength, physical and mental, to go to the gym or not. I had a pounding headache (thankfully not a migraine this time…just a headache) from the day’s fight and pressure I was under. I wanted to go to the gym….I really did, but how? Before I even begin my workout at the gym, I would have a fifteen minute walk to the gym. It is usually a good walk, but this time, it just felt so far away.

This is a literal and I mean literal and not exaggeration written summary of how I felt and how I made my decision. Have you ever felt or do you ever feel this way? I’m sure everyone has had a day or two like this when things just aren’t going right and the gym just becomes another struggle of the day……

I made my decision. Gym it was. I went to the gym, and manged to complete a great workout and felt great!


3 thoughts on “Gym or Gym-not

      • Most people have different ways of dealing with this issue. Personally, I go back to my health and fitness values such as looking at my goals and how “gym-not” would effect my achieving them. I ask myself why I go to the gym, what working out does for me, and if the reasons why I feel like missing the gym are stronger than the reasons why I should go to the gym. I also find it important, for myself at least, to incorporate exercises that I really enjoy doing. For example, I try to play football every Sunday for both the exercise and the added fun it provides. I really do enjoy working out, for the most part, but beginning my week with a game of football, simply adds more excitement and drive. #Mixitup #Keepitinteresting


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