Advance Preparations: Today for Yesterday

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post after my workout due to connectivity issues. But I must tell you that it was another great workout. The feelings of accomplishment and invincibility like I could conquer the world after completing my workout always outdoes the pre-workout feelings that sometimes come my way after a long day and such.

I continued with my regular daily workout routine for Wednesday focusing on back, legs, and, again, a little bit of abbs. Back and legs is a muscle mix that I learned is very effective from P90X by the way…so thank you Tony Horton. But I used my own exercises and routine.

I managed to get to the gym earlier than usual which meant, of course, that I finished my workout earlier than usual. It was nice to know that I had a few more hours to relax. Except, when I got home, I realized that I hadn’t cooked my chicken for my regular after workout or dinner protein yet. So it took a little bit longer to get that done. I guess my lesson from this for the future is to make sure that I prepare in advance when necessary. I’m usually pretty good with this, but this time…oh well!! Next time!!   


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