Consistency, Hard Work and Mental Strength

Today, I shared the bench press with someone I don’t remember ever seeing at the gym before. He asked me how I was able to lift as much as I was lifting (which wasn’t actually too much…I won’t lie…it did kind of make me feel good though), and stated that he could only lift a third of the amount. I explained to him that its the effect of three elements: consistency, hard work, and mental strength. I am consistent with my exercises, workout routine, and diet. I don’t mess about much during my workout. I work hard and push myself to the limit on every exercise. When I feel I can lift more weight, I add more weight. Often, our mind tells and convinces us that we have reached our maximum. Sometimes, I mentally convince myself that I can’t raise my workout intensity or the weight, but I will try it anyway and see how it goes. If I can, I do. If I can’t, I don’t. Many times it is true, but at times, personally, I know and feel that I can do more. So I simply try it. Don’t worry, mental strength will grow with time. Mental strength is necessary for the consistency and hard work, but at the same time, consistency and hard work cause growth in mental strength. It’s like a big circle….well, for me anyway.

Would you agree? Have you ever felt the same way when it came to raising your workout’s intensity?



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