A Collective

Well, I missed the gym today and chose to cook dinner for and eat with the family instead. But I’m okay with it. Although, I do try to hit the gym at least six times a week Sunday through Friday and stick to my weekly routine, there are times when I feel I can give the gym a miss. If I was asked what I would miss the gym for a year ago, I would have said absolutely nothing. At the time, nothing was more important than the gym, and nothing would get in the way of my workout. Now, I know there are times when missing the gym isn’t such a sin because my health and fitness life is a collective. What I mean is that as long as I do my best to live a healthy life over the course of the week, month and year, a random day off (for an important/good reason I might add) doesn’t detract or undermine my goals or my ability and desire to accomplish them. Yes, every individual day is definitely important in living healthy and fit, but as a collective, when I see myself accomplishing my goals and I feel comfortable, I can determine if, when and for what reason, I can take a day off. 


2 thoughts on “A Collective

  1. I agree in the sense that sometimes doing other things that make you happy are just as important. There is perhaps also the option of changing the scheduling so you can do both?

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    • You’re absolutely right. It is best to try do both. If it is possible to do both, then I guess the other activity is no longer such a good reason to miss the gym/exercise or break routine.


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