From football Sunday to a stop/start workout schedule, it’s been a weeklong. Nutritionally, it was pretty much sound. Actually, probably a little less sound than I thought when I wrote that last sentence. With regards to my gym attendance, I had some blips in my schedule and routine….primarily good blips. The week started off great, playing football Sunday evening and completing my regular workout routine on Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday. Thursday night and Friday night, my weeklong story changed. I had a good friends engagement party after work on Thursday night which meant I would have to miss gym and would instead be surrounded by fatty foods and deserts. I was okay with it. I would stay away from the the deserts (not going to lie, I was only 90% successful, which is why I changed my mind above) and just continue my gym routine on Friday. Well, work continued late Friday afternoon causing me to miss gym again although I did spend Thursday and Friday at work building a shed for a school. It was a workout, but not really a workout. 

I make sure to go to the gym at least 4 days a week. So I had to make up for it today, Saturday, which is usually my day off. Today was a weird day with the power down in my neighborhood, but I made it to the gym and feel good. I completed a good chest and biceps workout. I didn’t have too much time, but I made it count.

Well that’s my health and fitness week in a nutshell. What’s your weeklong story? 


A Testing Lift

With a combined weight of close to 600 pounds, moving each of the two boxes was a real life test physically and mentally. I was asked if I could help move these boxes from the truck and up a few steps to the back yard. I agreed wholeheartedly without seeing them, but I assumed from the casualness and tone of the request that the boxes were a maximum weight of 50 pounds each. It turned out that the first box weighed almost 300 pounds and the second box weighed just over 300 pounds. They were huge boxes. No, began to seem like the better answer, but I already said yes. I had to try. I had to try because of all the time I spend lifting weights at the gym. I had to try and see if my physical strength that exists during my workout could be applied to lifting boxes, when tasked, at any given time of day. It took some lifting, maneuvering, breathing, and breaks, but with the help of the shipping guy, we managed to get both boxes to right spot in the back yard. It is important to consider the notion of injury when lifting something this heavy. I used the form that I use when working out. I didn’t say no and I didn’t give up until the boxes were safely where they were meant to be. I knew I could do it because I do it on an almost daily basis in the gym.

It happened to be back and legs day for me as well. So when I got to the gym later, I felt as though gym would be a breeze after the boxes moving escapade. I do enjoy working out, but it’s never easy. It wasn’t today either. It’s not supposed to be easy. If it is, it means it’s time to add some more weight. Moving the boxes wasn’t a complete workout, but I would say that it was a good and complete test!  

It Ain’t No Sandwich Without Bread

Or is it? I came across this page with 9 pretty cool “No-Bread” sandwiches. I personally do eat bread although not too much of it – one slice of toast with eggs for breakfast and often a protein filled flour tortilla wrap for a snack during the day. For those of you who try to eat little to no bread, well the good news is you can still eat sandwiches and not just the infamous protein-style burger. Personally, #7 is my favorite as it is the simplest and most convenient to make, and tastes great!


Possibly #6

It’s funny how this page popped up in my health and fitness research today as I nurse my injured rotator cuff back to health. I may be guilty of #6. Do be aware of these training tips/mistakes to avoid injury and or damage. Which one these would you say you are guilty of? http://www.muscleandfitness.com/news-and-features/galleries/training/7-reasons-your-rotator-cuffs-hate-you

A Step Backwards?

My shoulder is still recovering from the strain. I’m still in recovery mode which means I have to workout a little lighter than I usually would. You know, sometimes you just have to take a step back to move forward. But I found myself wondering if a “step backwards” is really backwards. Without this step, lessening the weight and lightening my workout, I may make my shoulder injury worse which would keep me out of the gym, fully, for a while. Isn’t it, then, a step forward? I ask myself this question because of perspective. I want to workout with my usual intensity and if not, I may feel like I didn’t accomplish enough which may cause me to be unhappy or to get lazy and skip exercising all together. Either way really, the step is in order to move forward. But perspective is important and definitely helps with the struggle. I believe that it really can be considered a step forward. Would you agree or disagree? 

“A Little Spark of Madness”

As we are saddened by the passing of Robin Williams and remember his work, here’s one of his many great quotes: “Some are born great. Some achieve greatness. Some get it as a graduation gift” (Williams).

Believe in life. Strengthen the mind, body, and will power with health and fitness. It can only help in achieving greatness.

R.I.P Robin Williams. You will be missed! #RIPRobinWilliamsRobinWilliams 

Body Language

Overall, it was a good health and fitness day today. I completed a good chest, biceps and a little bit of abbs workout. Although, I did have to take it lighter and a little slower today. I felt a slight strain in my right shoulder while I was working out. To me, this is a sign my body is giving me that I have to relax my workout slightly. It’s been a solid ten months or so with regards to vigorous exercising, but now my body is telling me that it needs a relaxing recovery period. It’s important to listen to what the body signals in order to achieve health and fitness goals and to prevent injuries. The shoulder is engaged to one extend or another in almost every upper body workout. When it starts showing signs of fatigue, it’s extremely important to listen. I wouldn’t want to be held back from working out because of an injury. It doesn’t mean that I can’t exercise at all. It just means that I will have to take it slow and workout softer. Hopefully, it will get the rest it needs and recover nicely over the next few days!!

Something a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. I don’t really judge a trainer by the way he or she looks, but this trainer has a lovely reason for becoming a trainer…. #inspiretosweat



Thankful, Maybe a Little Crazy

Well, I’m thankful my Internet is up and running again at a time when I can post. It’s been a busy week with meetings, work, life, and fitness (working on a VHLF project…will have more information to share in the not too distant future). I’m even more thankful that I can post especially today. I was told about a football (soccer) pick up game and decided to join. We played for around two and a half hours. But as my fitness goals currently need weight lifting to be achieved, I felt that I had to complete my daily workout routine as well. So to the gym I went and completed a fantastic chest, biceps, and a little bit of abs workout. I predict some sore muscles in tomorrow’s forecast. Call me crazy if you want, but I feel great…. Time to get some shut eye, let my body recover and repair. Tomorrow’s another day for health and fitness. Bring it on!!!