The Problem with Past Achievements

It’s great to have achieved that first goal. Making that first step, taking on the challenge, staying strong, and accomplishing the most difficult first achievement. Congratulations sir! Great job! Now what? Now there is something to always fall back on, something to show the people (if that’s what’s important).

Here is where the problem starts. I have seen it in my own life and my own fitness journey. I have seen it with others as well and with others who ask me for fitness advice. Past achievements can cause complacency and lack of ambition to achieve more. They can hold us back. They give us the capability to tell ourselves, look how much we have accomplished and every time there is an opportunity to take it further, we go back to the existing achievements and say, but look how much I have accomplished. The past achievement becomes the excuse for why we can’t achieve the next level. Every time we look at the next step and how difficult it may be we answer our inner questions with, but look how much I have achieved already. We go back to picture of how much weight we may have already lost or other results we have accomplished.

Past achievements are good, in fact they are great. However, they are not an excuse and not a fall back plan as to why we are not achieving or can’t achieve more. Instead, they should be a platform for the opposite. They are proof that I can achieve my goals and can achieve more. It’s a small mindset tweak on how these achievements are viewed. Don’t rely on them, but don’t forget them. In fact, use them as a base for how much more we can accomplish. Understanding that I can do more just because I have already done so much, instead of just saying but look how far I’ve come.

I use my past achievements to push me onto succeeding with my next goals, to accomplish more. They are simply proof that I can achieve more. Everyday pushing myself to new limitations, constantly striving to break my previous records and limitations. I find that this is the key to focusing on the future achievements, using the past only as an outline of what I can accomplish when I push myself and get to it. If you want to accomplish more, you have to continuously push for more. The past achievement doesn’t earn you the right to future achievements. It only tells you that you are capable of the future achievement. But you still have to work for it, like you did to achieve in the past. Stop focusing on what you have done and start focusing on what needs to be done, what you can do, and what you want to do!


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