Deadlifts; A Love Hate Relationship

Deadlifts has become my favorite of compound exercises. It’s an exercise which full power is required. The more weight I get to add, the more power I must give. The more freeing it becomes. It’s just that first rep that momentarily turns me against it. I set up the bar and weights and will look at it knowing the task I have ahead of me. For a moment it seems tedious and fatiguing. I realize the energy I’m about expend on the exercise and on the consequent sets. I take a moment…. A deep breath…. I know what’s about to happen and how I will feel as I get to my second set and after completing my deadlifts. I want to push it off for a few moments longer, but that feeling of mind and physical power and freedom, I want it… I must take that first step, start the first rep. Pushing it off even momentarily will only delay this magnificent state of mind that comes after. No time to waste, get in the right position, the correct starting form. I lift that first rep and all consciousness of delay disappears. 2,3,4,15 reps, my first warm up set is done… Now I just want to do more reps. It’s all about that first step, jumping in before the notion of the massive task ahead can sink in and cause me to back away. I know how much I want it…. Any delay is simply me losing control and pushing of the inevitable, giving in to the difficulty of the task. The difficulty of the task will try put me off, but I am stronger than it and all it requires is that first step. Take it, take that first step and all is well.


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