Balance Training

Wednesday’s training routine is my most challenging and, therefore, favorite routine. I generally do back and legs which includes big lifts such as deadlifts, leg press etc… I chose to skip training and spend time with some of my family instead.

As a fitness enthusiast (almost fanatic), it’s hard to skip any day of training especially my favorite. But I’m sharing this with you not because I feel bad or feel the need to talk about it, but really to express the opposite.

Fitness is one piece of the many pieces in life. A big piece for me, but still one of many pieces. It’s important to find a balance. Life is time to be fulfilled and enjoyed. For myself, training is enjoyment and time that I get to work on myself, but there are other parts of life that are also to be enjoyed and to which the training should be translated. Balance is different for everyone as we are all different and lead different lives, but it is quite a substantive key.

Guarantee to Work

We can’t guarantee life, but we can guarantee to work to live stronger, better, and happier. Without the work, there is no guarantee whatsoever!!

P.s. This picture was taken on my phone at the spur of the moment (very professional…).