Recovery Break Over, Good to be Back!!

After just over a week’s break, getting back in to the gym feels bliss. I still have to stay away from most upper body workouts and anything that directly or indirectly involves my shoulder for a little longer. So some extra leg power and core strength is the focus. I hope I can walk tomorrow.

Good to see this years crop of New Years recruits… May the resolutions stay strong!!

It’s great to be back!!!

Thankful, Maybe a Little Crazy

Well, I’m thankful my Internet is up and running again at a time when I can post. It’s been a busy week with meetings, work, life, and fitness (working on a VHLF project…will have more information to share in the not too distant future). I’m even more thankful that I can post especially today. I was told about a football (soccer) pick up game and decided to join. We played for around two and a half hours. But as my fitness goals currently need weight lifting to be achieved, I felt that I had to complete my daily workout routine as well. So to the gym I went and completed a fantastic chest, biceps, and a little bit of abs workout. I predict some sore muscles in tomorrow’s forecast. Call me crazy if you want, but I feel great…. Time to get some shut eye, let my body recover and repair. Tomorrow’s another day for health and fitness. Bring it on!!!