A Fierce Reminder

This week so far has been a consistent reminder. Sunday, I spent several hours at a memorial service for the dean of the college I attended, who tragically died recently from an illness that although in its late stages, never seemed present. She was a middle aged woman who achieved a lot in her life and constantly motivated and helped her students to achieve. Sitting there listening to people reminisce and tell stories about her got me thinking about life and the importance of enjoying it, each moment and the journey.

On Saturday, Greg Plitt (a big fitness character, who’s name, face, motivation, workouts, and body showed up on so much of the fitness research I have done) died. Tragically, it was an external force in this case that caused his death. Again, a reminder of the fragility of life.

Fitness isn’t everything, and as we see, there are other forces out of our control. However, personally, fitness is a mode of control with which I can control and challenge my mind and body to an extent that cannot be achieved in other aspects of life. It is a journey. A journey that has taught me the importance of and how to enjoy the moments. How to live it and love it. Sadly, it is the tragedy of others that is most often the reminder. But when we tune into these reminders, we remember their memories. And in respect of those who have passed, we can only hope to make the most of life, love it and achieve, and follow the good that they have taught and brought into this world.

RIP Dr. Lowy
RIP Greg Plitt

Life Isn’t Standing Still, Why Should I?

Life goes on no matter what the situation is. I don’t feel like standing still while life moves around me. Health and fitness is a big part of my life. It is a mode of living life. It is a journey. I sure as hell am not going to miss the journey. I’m not going to stand still, while life passes by.