National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

Food, predominantly eating food has long been understood to be correlated with mood and emotion, hence the evolution and issue of the eating disorder. In other words, eating disorders do not necessarily stem from one’s body image in comparison to others, being underweight, overweight, or even health and fitness. Essentially, eating disorders are often rooted far deeper mentally and emotionally. As the fitness craze has grown, considerable focus has been put on the overweight, signifying that obesity is almost the end all and be all of eating disorders when in reality there are other forms of eating disorders which often go unnoticed such as anorexia and its different forms because it doesn’t always show physically. And when it does show physically, the cause can be misconstrued as one’s desire to look physically cover model slim or fit (see – ). The depth of the disorder then often goes unnoticed and, therefore, unchecked.

Personally, my fitness journey took me from extreme overweight, overeating, comfort and binge eating to extreme weight loss, under eating, and borderline eating disorder. I had lost over one hundred pounds and I had to make sure that I wouldn’t put even a single pound of it back on. If I would eat an apple, everyone around me would know. I wouldn’t shut up about it for hours. It felt like the only way I could control my weight and therefore life was by eating less and less, and talking about anything that I did eat so as to make myself okay with it. Thankfully, it didn’t go too far and I understood, with the help of those close to me, what was beginning to happen to me. It took time to understand that at either end there is an extreme, and extremes can be dangerous. It was the extreme that made me realize that I had to change my mindset and my focus as I wrote in my Throw Back Thursday; The Journey Continues post. Eating disorders are no joke. They are immensely painful for one who is sadly living with it. Even on its borderline it was mentally painful, and it’s hard to imagine how much worse it could get.

As it is NEDA or #NEDAwareness week , take a moment to read and learn something even small about eating disorders and share this knowledge to raise awareness. See link

Measuring Truth

I’ve had my reservations about this TV series (and others like it) since the first time I saw it. Besides the apparent and allegations of abuse that the contestants talk about, the emphasis on and requirement of quick results, speed weight loss, and the constant use of the scale to measure results without giving any mention or thought of other modes of measurements or life after the show baffles me. My biggest mistake when I started losing weight was only using the scale to measure my results. As time went on, I learned that there are other measurements and results such as body fat percentage and waist size to name a couple that are really important to consider as well.

The show also emphasizes quick weight loss without any recognition or emphasis of the life after the show or the life after one has lost all that weight and the huge transformation. The biggest secret about the show, says a past contestant in this article, is that “just about everyone’s gained the weight back.” (Link to the article below).

Maybe it has unfortunately, true to its name, actually turned its contestants into the biggest losers. The article title really says it all. 

Funny and Informative

I actually find this kind of article funny. If I eat something unhealthy, I like to enjoy it without having to think about how much exercise I have to do to burn the it off. Having said that, it does put the unhealthy food in perspective in terms of what it’s worth in regards to exercise and not just an abstract amount of calories:

It Ain’t No Sandwich Without Bread

Or is it? I came across this page with 9 pretty cool “No-Bread” sandwiches. I personally do eat bread although not too much of it – one slice of toast with eggs for breakfast and often a protein filled flour tortilla wrap for a snack during the day. For those of you who try to eat little to no bread, well the good news is you can still eat sandwiches and not just the infamous protein-style burger. Personally, #7 is my favorite as it is the simplest and most convenient to make, and tastes great! 

Possibly #6

It’s funny how this page popped up in my health and fitness research today as I nurse my injured rotator cuff back to health. I may be guilty of #6. Do be aware of these training tips/mistakes to avoid injury and or damage. Which one these would you say you are guilty of?

Funny? Seriously Maybe!!

These guys take their workout so seriously, it’s almost funny. This page showed up on my social media feed today (I’ve been getting a lot of health and fitness links lately….too much research maybe?) and I just had to share it. I will admit, I did have a pretty good laugh. But I must commend these guys….at least they’re trying!!

WARNING: Don’t try these at home. Well at least try not to get caught on camera!

Average Day, Fantastic Ending!

For all the hard work completed today, accomplishments and non-accomplishments, pressure, leisure, and stress, I will be going to sleep feeling great. I just completed a fantastic workout. I stuck to my usual Tuesday workout routine focusing on shoulders and triceps with a little bit of abbs. It’s not the first time that I have left the gym feeling as if I had just finished my best ever workout, but today just had to have been my best. When it comes to shoulders, I personally prefer to superset my exercises and superset I did. As well as my usual routine, I stuck a few more movements in the mix. It was intense.

All the feelings and emotion that came with the day have simply culminated with the definite feelings of achievement and accomplishment that can only be caused by completing such a workout routine. A fantastic ending to an average day!


If you want to know more about the method of supersetting, here’s a little more information:


Interval Training, High Intensity

HIIT is a relatively new fitness concept. The concept is a high intensity interval training workout in which one does a high intensity rep such as a sprint then does a slow rep like a walk. Interval training is a proven effective fitness workout as we see it is a preset on most cardio equipment. The added high intensity is not so much a new concept, but this new idea that keeps on popping up over the web every time I research the world of fitness is more of the concept that this workout can be done anywhere at anytime with minimal to no equipment. HIIT is quickly becoming very popular. Many HIIT workouts are based on sprinting and walking alone, but resistance training is also a very important part of a workout….So add some squats, lunges, and other resistance training such as push ups and pull ups….and you’re golden. It’s tough, quick and fun.

Here are some articles explaining HIIT…what it is, how to do it, what kind of exercises should be included, and its benefits:


Migraine and Exercise?

Yesterday, I was suffering from a powerful migraine. I believe it was a lack of sleep and too much caffeine induced headache. It left me with an all too familiar decision to make. Should I go to the gym? Would I even be able to complete my workout? Is it worth it?

You know how it is. We often find ourselves looking for excuses not to go to the gym…to take an extra one day break. A migraine seems to be a valid excuse. It hurts and with a heavy exercise weight lifting routine, it doesn’t really get any lighter or better. It wasn’t the first time that a migraine was behind my attending gym dilemma. More often than not, I decide to go anyway. Yesterday, I decided to go to the gym and exercise as if nothing felt like my head would explode…stick to my bench press, dumbbell press, bicep curling routine.

As you can imagine, it definitely didn’t get rid of the migraine. In fact, every time I lifted a rep, an explosion went off in my head. By the end of my workout, I felt really nauseous with an exploding head. I need a really good reason not to go to the gym and a migraine just isn’t one. It takes a lot of fight to actually get to the gym under such circumstances, but we just got to do what we got to do. Even with the nausea and exploding head, I left the gym happy that I had completed my full exercise routine for the day (well maybe slightly slower than usual, but I completed it).

However, I wondered whether it was, in fact, counter-productive, unhealthy, or even dangerous. So this morning I did a quick Internet search. I didn’t manage to find an exact answer to my original question, but I found some cool and interesting results that I thought I’d share:

Apparently, it seems to be the consensus that heavy exercise can cause migraines and a light exercise routine can have the averse effect and actually soothe one’s migraine…inspiration. Well, I inferred that doing my usual heavy routine probably wasn’t such a good idea. But what can I do? What’s done is done and it probably won’t stop me in the future either (unless I get a 100% medical conclusion that it is dangerous of course… which I will definitely share)