Body Language

Overall, it was a good health and fitness day today. I completed a good chest, biceps and a little bit of abbs workout. Although, I did have to take it lighter and a little slower today. I felt a slight strain in my right shoulder while I was working out. To me, this is a sign my body is giving me that I have to relax my workout slightly. It’s been a solid ten months or so with regards to vigorous exercising, but now my body is telling me that it needs a relaxing recovery period. It’s important to listen to what the body signals in order to achieve health and fitness goals and to prevent injuries. The shoulder is engaged to one extend or another in almost every upper body workout. When it starts showing signs of fatigue, it’s extremely important to listen. I wouldn’t want to be held back from working out because of an injury. It doesn’t mean that I can’t exercise at all. It just means that I will have to take it slow and workout softer. Hopefully, it will get the rest it needs and recover nicely over the next few days!!

Something a friend of mine posted on Facebook today. I don’t really judge a trainer by the way he or she looks, but this trainer has a lovely reason for becoming a trainer…. #inspiretosweat