This is What Happens When You Stop Working Out?

Simple solution… just don’t stop!!

It’s interesting that this study also reveals that exercising has a positive effect on the physical brain and not only the mental state or mind.

Exercise Time

When I workout in the morning, I feel ready for anything: ready to take on the world. When I workout in the evening (which is most days), all the struggles of the day disappear. Either way, I win!


Do you feel the same? Do you prefer exercising in the morning or evening?

Health and Fitness – Doughnut Crazy

It’s the first day of the Jewish festival of Hanukkah during which it is customary to celebrate by eating fried foods primarily doughnuts and latkes. A latke can be baked or regarded as healthy as it is a real food, meal or side dish even when fried and actually not really very healthy. But doughnuts…. I think everyone will agree just aren’t healthy. It’s a piece of dough, deep fried, glazed with sugar or icing, and often filled with jam or custard. Any “healthy” version of a doughnut, most probably marketed as gluten free and fat free with no added sugar, really won’t taste like a doughnut and if it does, it is probably just as unhealthy as a regular doughnut. So most trainers, nutritionists, health coaches, and die hard fitness enthusiasts will tell you to just stay away. Don’t even consider eating the doughnut.

I’m going to be controversial and tell you – go ahead, have a doughnut or two, but make it a conscious decision. To clarify, I’m not saying you must have a doughnut and I’m definitely not saying you should go crazy and stuff your face with doughnuts. If you don’t feel the urge for it, simply don’t eat it. I’m saying if you want a doughnut feel free to have one, but be comfortable with your decision.

You see, during my health and fitness journey and experience – and I see it with others living healthy and fit as well – I realized that we build coping and defensive mechanisms to avoid complications and making the wrong decisions. For example, we are afraid that one doughnut will turn into ten doughnuts or simply open the floodgates to binge eating. Often, breaking healthy eating habits for one small piece of pie will turn into a pint of ice cream, cake, chocolate or whatever else is enjoyable and unhealthy. So we make the extremely tough decision to stay away from it altogether and to not even enjoy one of anything. Continue reading

A Step Backwards?

My shoulder is still recovering from the strain. I’m still in recovery mode which means I have to workout a little lighter than I usually would. You know, sometimes you just have to take a step back to move forward. But I found myself wondering if a “step backwards” is really backwards. Without this step, lessening the weight and lightening my workout, I may make my shoulder injury worse which would keep me out of the gym, fully, for a while. Isn’t it, then, a step forward? I ask myself this question because of perspective. I want to workout with my usual intensity and if not, I may feel like I didn’t accomplish enough which may cause me to be unhappy or to get lazy and skip exercising all together. Either way really, the step is in order to move forward. But perspective is important and definitely helps with the struggle. I believe that it really can be considered a step forward. Would you agree or disagree? 

The Unbroken Rule

I had a strange problem at the gym during my workout today. On a Thursday, if I have plans for the night, I try to get to the gym early or may even sometimes skip my workout completely (don’t tell anyone…) depending on the week and the plans. Well, I had a plan that didn’t work out, but I still managed to get to the gym early. Around just over an hour and a quarter into my workout, my mates call and tell me that they are going out in around twenty five minutes. At this point, I had around five minutes give or take left to my workout routine and the gym is a ten to fifteen minute walk from my house plus I had to clean up. So I did the maths quickly. Well there wasn’t much math to do. Quite simply, I wouldn’t make it in time and I definitely wasn’t going to leave the gym straight away if I wasn’t going to make it. I asked him if we could leave a little later. He agreed, but only gave me an extra ten minutes.

Now, here was my problem: since I started my health and fitness journey, around eight or so years ago, I set myself different rules that I made sure never to break no matter the situation. One of these rules, one that has kept me on track since the beginning and I have only broken once in eight years (after fracturing my finger during a gym session), is that I can never leave the gym or wherever I may be exercising before finishing my workout. To make it and be ready in time, I really had to hurry up and run home. And I still had to stretch after exercising. Well, I considered leaving immediately, but that would mean breaking my rule even though it was only by five minutes.

I decided against breaking my rule and that I would finish my workout. I believe that the rules that I have set myself have structured my health and fitness journey and have been monumental in my accomplishments and achieving my goals. Once I start breaking these rules even by a such a short time as five minutes, there is the possibility that my structure may begin to slide and I wasn’t about to let that happen!!

Oh and I still made it!!!