A Good Laugh!

I found this video pretty funny. Take a look, have a laugh. Oh and I’m personally guilty of being the guy with a big water bottle (but not spilling it all over myself) and sweating a lot (but I wipe down the equipment I use) because I workout hard!!


Do you relate to any of these?

Possibly #6

It’s funny how this page popped up in my health and fitness research today as I nurse my injured rotator cuff back to health. I may be guilty of #6. Do be aware of these training tips/mistakes to avoid injury and or damage. Which one these would you say you are guilty of? http://www.muscleandfitness.com/news-and-features/galleries/training/7-reasons-your-rotator-cuffs-hate-you

Funny? Seriously Maybe!!

These guys take their workout so seriously, it’s almost funny. This page showed up on my social media feed today (I’ve been getting a lot of health and fitness links lately….too much research maybe?) and I just had to share it. I will admit, I did have a pretty good laugh. But I must commend these guys….at least they’re trying!!

WARNING: Don’t try these at home. Well at least try not to get caught on camera!