For about a week now, I haven’t been able to sleep properly. Lying awake for endless hours thinking, mind racing, without a final thought or summary. I’ve been working hard, sticking to my health and fitness, completing my workout routine, and for the most part sticking to my healthy eating habits day after day. My thoughts kept on coming back to VHLF, and this blog. Why haven’t I been posting? What was stopping me? Have I been doing enough to hold me back from posting? How would I get back into it?

If I am to chose one important application from my health and fitness journey, it would be that I am in control of my actions or I should strive to be. At the gym, it is up to me to push myself to the limit. I must maintain control over my mind and actions to get the results I want, to leave the gym feeling like I did everything I could in my power to gain from the workout I just completed. When I have the urge to eat something that I shouldn’t, it is up to me to stop myself. The challenge is only accomplished and overcome if I can say NO for myself. Therefore, I struggled to understand what it was that was stopping me from continuing with VHLF. This question amplifies even further in other aspects of life, simply, what is holding me back? Am I even being held back? Have I lost control?

Now, I’m getting a little carried away just going on a rant of questions, and believe me I don’t have all the answers either. It has been a good couple of months though. New responsibilities and challenges have been handed to me, good responsibilities and challenges, but definitely time consuming. These time consuming responsibilities coupled with a constant bad internet connection during my free time seems to have put me in a mode of I’ll start again tomorrow. But is it really good enough? Am I not just excusing my way out of it? Why would I even want to allow myself to be in this mode?
The only response I can come up with is just ****ing do it! Excuse my french, but I can’t stress it enough.

Forgive me for being selfish and keeping my journey to myself over the last… little while, but most importantly I ask forgiveness of myself for not fully exercising my control. My health and fitness journey continues. I have reached new milestones and constantly strive to reach my goals. But I must remember to focus as much on and enjoy the journey.

Excuse the rant please. VHLF blog and I have had a little setback. I’m okay with it. It has simply challenged me to push myself harder and come back even stronger!! I’m back and I’m stronger!! I will definitely strive to be at the very least.


What Struggle?

Often there are days when I struggle hard for my health and fitness, days in which anything that is against living a healthy and fit life is tempting. I would go to the shop to buy healthy food such as chicken and eggs, but I would find myself wondering through the ice cream, snacks, and sweets isles. It’s a very real struggle. I make sure to acknowledge the struggle. I know it’s a struggle. A struggle that I must conquer even if it takes every ounce of my self control and will power. Thankfully, today wasn’t one of those days, but I was thinking about the struggle and why I care so much to continue on such a struggle laden journey. 

The Unbroken Rule

I had a strange problem at the gym during my workout today. On a Thursday, if I have plans for the night, I try to get to the gym early or may even sometimes skip my workout completely (don’t tell anyone…) depending on the week and the plans. Well, I had a plan that didn’t work out, but I still managed to get to the gym early. Around just over an hour and a quarter into my workout, my mates call and tell me that they are going out in around twenty five minutes. At this point, I had around five minutes give or take left to my workout routine and the gym is a ten to fifteen minute walk from my house plus I had to clean up. So I did the maths quickly. Well there wasn’t much math to do. Quite simply, I wouldn’t make it in time and I definitely wasn’t going to leave the gym straight away if I wasn’t going to make it. I asked him if we could leave a little later. He agreed, but only gave me an extra ten minutes.

Now, here was my problem: since I started my health and fitness journey, around eight or so years ago, I set myself different rules that I made sure never to break no matter the situation. One of these rules, one that has kept me on track since the beginning and I have only broken once in eight years (after fracturing my finger during a gym session), is that I can never leave the gym or wherever I may be exercising before finishing my workout. To make it and be ready in time, I really had to hurry up and run home. And I still had to stretch after exercising. Well, I considered leaving immediately, but that would mean breaking my rule even though it was only by five minutes.

I decided against breaking my rule and that I would finish my workout. I believe that the rules that I have set myself have structured my health and fitness journey and have been monumental in my accomplishments and achieving my goals. Once I start breaking these rules even by a such a short time as five minutes, there is the possibility that my structure may begin to slide and I wasn’t about to let that happen!!

Oh and I still made it!!!

The Circle of Vhlf

What is Vhlf?

In short, Vhlf stands for virtual health, life and fitness. On my journey to losing weight, I found that when health and fitness is involved, there is a third element that plays a big role in attaining and achieving such goals. To begin with, losing weight isn’t easy. One must develop a strong attitude and desire towards health and fitness. There are sacrifices that we have to make within our daily lives…sacrifices such as not eating our favorite cake or ice cream as much as we want to or missing an hour or a night of socializing in order to go to the gym. These sacrifices are hard to begin with, but get easier as time goes on because first of all we develop an attitude towards our goals that we are trying to achieve, and secondly we educate ourselves and understand why we aren’t eating the ice cream. As time goes on, we realize how we don’t really need the ice cream and we understand why it’s not good to eat too much of it. Instead of ignoring the ice cream, we consciously decide not to eat it. It becomes part of our life and understanding that these foods are not good for us and our goals.

So now, we’ve made some heavy changes in our life our attitude. We often need motivation and inspiration to keep going. It is our life and psychology that motivates us. Our schedule is often built around the gym and meals. Again, our attitude and motivation keeps us going. Life keeps us going… It is important to understand what we are thinking on this difficult journey. But it gets easier and easier.

As it gets easier and we get closer to achieving our goals, the changes we made in our lives have now changed our lives. We look different. Things that we didn’t realize we could do, such as jumping barriers running fast, have now become part of reality. We start doing them and love every minute of it. Our lives have changed.

Hence HLF – Health, Life and Fitness….this is the gist of the Vhlf concept.