The Unbroken Rule

I had a strange problem at the gym during my workout today. On a Thursday, if I have plans for the night, I try to get to the gym early or may even sometimes skip my workout completely (don’t tell anyone…) depending on the week and the plans. Well, I had a plan that didn’t work out, but I still managed to get to the gym early. Around just over an hour and a quarter into my workout, my mates call and tell me that they are going out in around twenty five minutes. At this point, I had around five minutes give or take left to my workout routine and the gym is a ten to fifteen minute walk from my house plus I had to clean up. So I did the maths quickly. Well there wasn’t much math to do. Quite simply, I wouldn’t make it in time and I definitely wasn’t going to leave the gym straight away if I wasn’t going to make it. I asked him if we could leave a little later. He agreed, but only gave me an extra ten minutes.

Now, here was my problem: since I started my health and fitness journey, around eight or so years ago, I set myself different rules that I made sure never to break no matter the situation. One of these rules, one that has kept me on track since the beginning and I have only broken once in eight years (after fracturing my finger during a gym session), is that I can never leave the gym or wherever I may be exercising before finishing my workout. To make it and be ready in time, I really had to hurry up and run home. And I still had to stretch after exercising. Well, I considered leaving immediately, but that would mean breaking my rule even though it was only by five minutes.

I decided against breaking my rule and that I would finish my workout. I believe that the rules that I have set myself have structured my health and fitness journey and have been monumental in my accomplishments and achieving my goals. Once I start breaking these rules even by a such a short time as five minutes, there is the possibility that my structure may begin to slide and I wasn’t about to let that happen!!

Oh and I still made it!!!