It Ain’t No Sandwich Without Bread

Or is it? I came across this page with 9 pretty cool “No-Bread” sandwiches. I personally do eat bread although not too much of it – one slice of toast with eggs for breakfast and often a protein filled flour tortilla wrap for a snack during the day. For those of you who try to eat little to no bread, well the good news is you can still eat sandwiches and not just the infamous protein-style burger. Personally, #7 is my favorite as it is the simplest and most convenient to make, and tastes great! 

Got to Use the Good Energy

I must admit, it’s been an excellent start to what looks to be a promising week. Sunday was a pretty much all day beach day, but not before I managed to get in an early two hours of football (soccer). I usually play football in the afternoon every Sunday. When I heard that there was a relaxing beach day planned, I had to find a morning game which meant rolling out of bed really early and onto the football pitch. We topped off the day with a barbecue dinner, grilling some chicken and lamb….protein, though I did experience a few bumps in the day with regard to my nutrition, munching on some pretzels and a few Jelly Beans. Overall though, it was a day filled with good energy, good people, great exercise, and good nutritionally healthy food. Which leads me to today, Monday, another good day in my health, life and fitness journey, completing a solid chest, biceps, and abbs workout in the process. The past two days especially Sunday made me remember the importance of creating and enjoying good, positive energy from which to draw further energy and strength to be utilized during and stimulate the journey for the rest of the week.

Advance Preparations: Today for Yesterday

Yesterday I wasn’t able to post after my workout due to connectivity issues. But I must tell you that it was another great workout. The feelings of accomplishment and invincibility like I could conquer the world after completing my workout always outdoes the pre-workout feelings that sometimes come my way after a long day and such.

I continued with my regular daily workout routine for Wednesday focusing on back, legs, and, again, a little bit of abbs. Back and legs is a muscle mix that I learned is very effective from P90X by the way…so thank you Tony Horton. But I used my own exercises and routine.

I managed to get to the gym earlier than usual which meant, of course, that I finished my workout earlier than usual. It was nice to know that I had a few more hours to relax. Except, when I got home, I realized that I hadn’t cooked my chicken for my regular after workout or dinner protein yet. So it took a little bit longer to get that done. I guess my lesson from this for the future is to make sure that I prepare in advance when necessary. I’m usually pretty good with this, but this time…oh well!! Next time!!   

Luis Suarez Trying to get his Protein


Luis Suarez has just received a hefty four month suspension from football (soccer) and a just under $112,000 fine for biting Italy defender Giorgio Chiellini at World Cup 2014, Brazil. What do you think his nutritionist would have to say? #VHLF #Saynotohumancruelty #It’snotgoodprotein #Protein