Recovery Break Over, Good to be Back!!

After just over a week’s break, getting back in to the gym feels bliss. I still have to stay away from most upper body workouts and anything that directly or indirectly involves my shoulder for a little longer. So some extra leg power and core strength is the focus. I hope I can walk tomorrow.

Good to see this years crop of New Years recruits… May the resolutions stay strong!!

It’s great to be back!!!

Birthday’s, New Year, Injuries, Resolutions

Technically one’s birthday is the start of a personal new year. Yesterday was mine and as my mate wisely told me that it is a day to reflect on the past year and figure out what to do, where to be for the new one. So I get to reflect twice in quick succession once for my personal new year and once for…well New Years, rather strenuous work. I was considering whether I would make two resolutions, try and test one for a couple of days, or make one big resolution. Either way I got to thinking about my resolution(s).
I’m currently on a short (hopefully short) injury induced break from most of my heavy training, exercise, and working out. I find that not being able to train is difficult, painful, and upsetting. Working out for me is not only about the results, but also about the day to day journey – both of which may suffer because of the injury setback. This is all really part of the journey. The struggle, personally, is to be okay with it and not allow it to get me down which is the mindset that health and fitness has given me over the past several years. To enjoy the journey, not just the results. It helps. Which brings me back to considering my resolution and options…. Hmmm it’s a difficult one this year. I think I know the direction I’m going to go with it. I will have a definite decision by New Years.

Merry Christmas!

Festivities, food, pie, drinks, family, and friends. We do as we do, celebrate as we celebrate, and enjoy as we enjoy. The new year is on the horizon. The countdown to 2015 has begun. Resolutions are being thought out. Chose wisely as the goal is to stick to it, to live with it. Cheers and merry Christmas! Live it!