For about a week now, I haven’t been able to sleep properly. Lying awake for endless hours thinking, mind racing, without a final thought or summary. I’ve been working hard, sticking to my health and fitness, completing my workout routine, and for the most part sticking to my healthy eating habits day after day. My thoughts kept on coming back to VHLF, and this blog. Why haven’t I been posting? What was stopping me? Have I been doing enough to hold me back from posting? How would I get back into it?

If I am to chose one important application from my health and fitness journey, it would be that I am in control of my actions or I should strive to be. At the gym, it is up to me to push myself to the limit. I must maintain control over my mind and actions to get the results I want, to leave the gym feeling like I did everything I could in my power to gain from the workout I just completed. When I have the urge to eat something that I shouldn’t, it is up to me to stop myself. The challenge is only accomplished and overcome if I can say NO for myself. Therefore, I struggled to understand what it was that was stopping me from continuing with VHLF. This question amplifies even further in other aspects of life, simply, what is holding me back? Am I even being held back? Have I lost control?

Now, I’m getting a little carried away just going on a rant of questions, and believe me I don’t have all the answers either. It has been a good couple of months though. New responsibilities and challenges have been handed to me, good responsibilities and challenges, but definitely time consuming. These time consuming responsibilities coupled with a constant bad internet connection during my free time seems to have put me in a mode of I’ll start again tomorrow. But is it really good enough? Am I not just excusing my way out of it? Why would I even want to allow myself to be in this mode?
The only response I can come up with is just ****ing do it! Excuse my french, but I can’t stress it enough.

Forgive me for being selfish and keeping my journey to myself over the last… little while, but most importantly I ask forgiveness of myself for not fully exercising my control. My health and fitness journey continues. I have reached new milestones and constantly strive to reach my goals. But I must remember to focus as much on and enjoy the journey.

Excuse the rant please. VHLF blog and I have had a little setback. I’m okay with it. It has simply challenged me to push myself harder and come back even stronger!! I’m back and I’m stronger!! I will definitely strive to be at the very least.


What? I Had a Perfectly Good Reason!!!

It’s very easy to come up with a reason not to go to the gym, stick to a diet or stick to a health and fitness routine. Consider this the next time you you think have a justifiable reason though: is it really a good reason or is it just a good excuse?

I had a terrible, draining day. I have no energy to workout. I think I’ll pass out after ten minutes on the treadmill. It’s just one slice of pizza…..etc…etc…etc.. The list goes on and on. It really is a never ending list. I can list so many of these that I have personally used in the past and still consider before deciding whether or not to stick to my health and fitness blueprint at any given time including decisions concerning going to the gym or eating something unhealthy. ┬áSometimes, I even challenge myself to come up with a better more justifiable reason than the last one.

Some of the questions I ask myself when faced with these decisions are: Is my reason really justifiable or is it just an excuse? Am I just trying to make myself feel better? Is it worth it? Will the gym really be that bad? Will I honestly not be able to complete my workout? Should I at least try? How will it affect my short-term and long-term health and fitness goals? Yes, it may feel right and justified to me now in the moment, but how will I feel about it later or tomorrow?

I may be a bit crazy and over the top with my decisions such as deciding to go to the gym to complete an intense routine with a migraine or maybe not. Maybe many others make the same decision under such circumstances. Maybe intense exercising with a migraine isn’t the best idea or is a line I should be careful when crossing. All I know is that when I made my decision, I asked myself theses questions and found that in all honestly, whatever the circumstance was, I could at least try and that every time I overcame the excuses it made the next time easier.

Migraine and Exercise?

Yesterday, I was suffering from a powerful migraine. I believe it was a lack of sleep and too much caffeine induced headache. It left me with an all too familiar decision to make. Should I go to the gym? Would I even be able to complete my workout? Is it worth it?

You know how it is. We often find ourselves looking for excuses not to go to the gym…to take an extra one day break. A migraine seems to be a valid excuse. It hurts and with a heavy exercise weight lifting routine, it doesn’t really get any lighter or better. It wasn’t the first time that a migraine was behind my attending gym dilemma. More often than not, I decide to go anyway. Yesterday, I decided to go to the gym and exercise as if nothing felt like my head would explode…stick to my bench press, dumbbell press, bicep curling routine.

As you can imagine, it definitely didn’t get rid of the migraine. In fact, every time I lifted a rep, an explosion went off in my head. By the end of my workout, I felt really nauseous with an exploding head. I need a really good reason not to go to the gym and a migraine just isn’t one. It takes a lot of fight to actually get to the gym under such circumstances, but we just got to do what we got to do. Even with the nausea and exploding head, I left the gym happy that I had completed my full exercise routine for the day (well maybe slightly slower than usual, but I completed it).

However, I wondered whether it was, in fact, counter-productive, unhealthy, or even dangerous. So this morning I did a quick Internet search. I didn’t manage to find an exact answer to my original question, but I found some cool and interesting results that I thought I’d share:

Apparently, it seems to be the consensus that heavy exercise can cause migraines and a light exercise routine can have the averse effect and actually soothe one’s migraine…inspiration. Well, I inferred that doing my usual heavy routine probably wasn’t such a good idea. But what can I do? What’s done is done and it probably won’t stop me in the future either (unless I get a 100% medical conclusion that it is dangerous of course… which I will definitely share)