Throw Back Thursday; The Journey Continues

At last! I’ve finally found an old picture to put the “before & after” I promised together. Here it is:


It’s been a long journey full of ups, downs, struggles, extremes, sadness, happiness, achievements, failures, mistakes, learning, and fun. I first started simply to challenge myself, believing in myself that I could accomplish my goals, and prove my strength of character to myself. My original goal was to loose weight (obviously) which brought about many different states of mind. The struggle to accomplish the desired results were often immense, leading sometimes to undesired extremes. In the beginning, I got so caught up with results that I felt like resorting to unhealthy measures to achieve the results. Thankfully, I didn’t pursue these measures, and I still haven’t achieved some of the results I set of to achieve. But I’m okay with it!

I’m okay with it because I learned so much more. Throughout the journey, hard work, struggles, and many hours of research, I stumbled upon a mindset. A mindset that has allowed me to live it and love it, learn life lessons and life applications. A mindset that I have been mastering myself to unbelievable effect and trying to convey on this blog.

For this picture, I would prefer to call it a “me before me” as there has been no after and my journey continues and will continue for the foreseeable future.

I post this picture not to showcase my achievement (although satisfying), but to make a point of how much I have learned along the way about myself, life, and the world. Fitness is not simply about results. Results based fitness can possibly lead one to bad extremes as I myself discovered. I have learned that fitness is about life, mindset, personal control, pushing myself to new limits I never dreamed possible. I have yet to come across another life aspect that I can push myself as hard as I do with fitness. It’s then about applying what has been reached and the lessons learned in fitness to other aspects in life. It’s a journey well worth it in which every moment matters and it is essential to enjoy each and every moment of it.

Apply this lesson to life, and understand that you have the power to achieve anything you want to achieve that is within your control. It is a journey of moments in which mindset and perspective are essential to reach optimum power and results. Focus on the journey and the moment, the results and accomplishments that you will achieve…. You will be surprised.

To end with one last note (I promise, last one): I want to thank those who have supported me in whatever way (even those who simply did not recognize me at first when seeing me after a few years even though we grew up together, slightly offensive but definitely satisfying) along this journey so far and an advance appreciation for the continued support (I hope) as my journey continues.

That’s all for now,