Get Back to the Gym

I used to reserve my Sundays for playing football. Beside for it being an immense cardio workout, I would play mainly because I really enjoy the sport. But over the past two months, people slowly stopped showing up and the game eventually died out, so Sunday became a day without exercise and Saturday is my rest/recovery day. For a few weeks now, I have felt it’s time to get back in the gym on Sundays especially as I already have Saturdays as my day off. I would wonder what was taking me so long to add Sunday back into my routine. They were lazy Sundays, and I would wake up in the morning and think today I’m going to workout. When the day was over, it became nevermind, I’ll start next Sunday.

I believe we’ve all experienced this struggle at one point or another. You know where you’re supposed to be or what you’re supposed to be doing, but you just push it off instead of doing it.

I’m an avid believer in the idea that to actually get something done, I have to start then and there, and that pushing it off only starts a trend of pushing it off further. I knew what I had to do. I had to just get to the gym. I was contradicting one of my own principles of just doing. I had this excuse of football in my mind, but there was no game. What was I waiting for? (I was just being lazy!!!!!)

Yesterday, Sunday, I decided I’ve had enough. I figured out what muscle groups I could do with more training and which exercises to add. For me it was a definite answer of legs and core. I liked the idea of just dedicating the “extra” day to legs and core. It took some determination, but I got to it. I just put my gym clothes on and started my walk to the gym. After that, there was no turning back and it proceeded to be a fantastic workout. Well worth it! Solution, just get to it!

P.s. By football, I mean soccer.

The Missing Feeling

I have previously posted about how I feel after completing a workout routine. Usually, I leave the gym with a clear mind. Today, I feel good and accomplished after another great workout, but the clear minded feeling seems to be missing. Well, I’m still very glad I completed my workout and it was definitely a good one…I just feel like there is something missing. How does completing your workout make you feel?